Who is Gaia Host Collective?

We are a cooperative team of worker-owners. Each worker-owner owns one share of Gaia Host. Worker-owners share in profits based on labor contributed, governance and operations of the business. Current worker-owners are listed below. If you are interested in tech worker cooperatives or working with Gaia Host, please give us a call (1-800-672-8060).

Charles Strader Sweethill

Charles has been with Gaia Host Collective since it started in 2004 and has twenty years of experience in technical support and managing Web and Email servers. Platform expertise includes FreeBSD, Debian, Mac OSX, Windows. Application language experience in Ruby on Rails, PHP, Perl, HTML, CSS, Javascript, ASP, Cold Fusion. Charles' works hard to keep his computer work inline with his cooperative and environmental goals. He loves his local food cooperatives (Brattleboro and Greenfield), and is an active Dad/cook/gardener/snow shoveler anytime he's not working.

Allison Tweedell

Allison has been working with Gaia Host Collective since Fall 2014. She enjoys helping people figure out the fiddly parts of their tech arrangements and helping small businesses achieve their practical and organizational goals. In her free time, she's an active fiber artist, indoor gardener and video gamer/PC tweaker.

Retired Worker-Owners

Matthew King

Offers awesome Wordpress skills to wonderful organizations as a freelancer at homemadejam.

Marshall Vaughan

Somewhere out there.

Benjamin Bradley

Moved on to join and help convert a sole proprietorship into a worker cooperative in Austin, Texas. Polycot Associates

Mark Bucciarelli

Somewhere out there.