Hosting Package: Drupal Security Maintenance

Cost: $35.00 per MO, $100.00 setup
Gaia Host will:
  • Install security updates for the Drupal Core and Contributed modules
  • Feature updates will be installed by request
  • Backup your website + database before each update
  • Minor troubleshooting is included to achieve successful upgrades
  • Typically not needed, additional troubleshooting will be first approved by the customer and billed at our consulting rate

  • The Drupal core should not be modified. Any modifications to core code will not be preserved during upgrades.
  • Theme modules will not be upgraded (unless requested) in order to preserve site function/stability.
  • Custom modules may be used, but will not be updated by Gaia Host
  • Includes minor version updates only (e.g. 6.x to 6.y, 7.x to 7.y).
  • Does NOT include major version updates (e.g. 6.x to 7.x)
Included Allocations:
Mail Aliases Mailboxes Storage (MB) Bandwidth (GB) Broadcast Subscribers Discussion Subscribers
0 0 0 0 0 0