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  • 2019-05-01 09:00 AM: Affected Services: Gaia Host Operations Planned Shutdown

    Final Shutdown Audit in Process starting October 1, 2019

    If you want Hosting and/or Domain Registration services to continue you must order a move to BeCooperative

    Ordering a move will allow BeCooperative to continue services and provide support for your accont that is current with Gaia Host.

    If you have a move away to any other third-party in process, your ticket will be handled by Gaia Host.

    Domain Transfer Out coordination support by Gaia Host will continue until all accounts and relevant tickets have been audited. Apologies for the length of time to process requests, if you emailed from an authorized Admin/Owner/Tech contact on the account, your request is in queue.

    Hosting services that are not in live production use and accounts that are suspended past due without arrangement are being shutdown and deleted during the final audit.

    The support phone system will be shutdown as of Nov. 1, 2019.

    All billing automated notices and new invoices will stop being sent by Gaia Host as of Nov. 1, 2019.

    Gaia Host shutdown additional extension to October 1, 2019 for Hosting services and November 1, 2019 for Domain Transfers Out

    Processing of Domain Transfer Out requests and helping customers with recommendations on moving sites to minimize Hosting services downtime, has been taking much more time then expected.

    Priority as always is on minimizing downtime. We are working through requests for Transfers and Hosting moves as quickly as possible.

    Hosting Services shutdown is extended to October 1, 2019.

    Domain Transfer Out requests and processing will be open through November 1, 2019.

    Opt-in requests for a seamless move and transfer to BeCooperative are being processed. If you are in the BeCooperative stack services will stay online. If you want to be added to that stack you can still just email Gaia Host support to opt-in.

    Thank you for your patience.

    Original Full Notice
    Gaia Host Collective is shutting down as of August 1, 2019

    After 15 years of service, Gaia Host Collective LLC will be shutting down operations as of August 1, 2019

    If you are a customer of Gaia Host you will need to choose to move all services away from Gaia Host before the August 1, 2019 deadline. There will not be a grace period.

    As many of you know Gaia Host has struggled with customer support responsiveness for more than a year. That struggle has become acute in the last 6 months. We have continued to provide near 100% uptime for all our services and hosting server infrastructure, but the support for those has been horrible. Deep apologies to the customers that experienced frustration and stress as a result of the support issue.

    From now until final shutdown of Web and Email Hosting services on August 1, 2019 Gaia Host phone support is only available for urgent downtime related issues.

    If you are having a Web or Email Hosting service downtime issue please call 1-800-672-8060, extension 8.

    If you are having a billing, support, or service move related issue, please email or follow instructions on the web site. Please be patient for a response, creating multiple tickets slows response. Thank you for your years of service, well wishes on your work.

    You have options to move services away

    1) Seamless Move Opt-In:

    Choose to opt-in by July 1, 2019 for a seamless move of services to BeCooperative. Your only action after opting into this move will be to confirm your account and billing information with BeCooperative. Gaia Host will coordinate with BeCooperative to move your services with an expectation of less than 30 minutes of downtime. Any prepaid services will carry thru to BeCooperative. After that pre-paid service period ends, you will start a comparable plan at a comparable or lower rate with BeCooperative.

    Moves to BeCooperative will start in June. You can request to be in the BeCooperative move queue by emailing

    See further below for more details about BeCooperative.

    2) Do it yourself, move away to any third-party:

    You can move all your services away from Gaia Host, but you must do that before August 1, 2019. There will be no grace period. Keep in mind it can can 7-10 days to coordinate and perform a move of Hosting Services and Domain Registration Transfers.

    Web and Email Hosting Service Move Customers should already have all the access required (control panel, FTP or SSH, phpMyAdmin, and IMAP for email) to get copies of web site files, database(s), stored email, and to manage DNS records to re-route services to other providers. If you have questions or problems with access please email

    Domain Nameserver Change You will need to request Gaia Host to change Nameservers on your Domain Registrations. Please email, confirm the Domain Registration, as well as what the new Nameservers are and when they should be changed. Change requests can only be scheduled for 9am - 5pm US Eastern on Business days (Monday - Friday) and must be made 3-5 days in advance. Nameserver change propagation takes up to 24 hours.

    Domain Registration Transfer Out The Owner/Admin Contact for the Account will need to confirm the email address that should be set for the Administrative WHOIS Contact Email for the Domain(s). Please send a message to to confirm the email address that should have access to manage the Domain Registration Transfer process. Requests for Domain Registration Transfer must come from the Account Owner/Admin, who can delegate any Tech contact from there. Domain Registration year(s) carry thru to your new registrar.

    Suggestions on providers you can choose to move to:

    Social Justice, Non-Profit, Cooperative focused Hosting Providers: Business Hosting Providers that are well rated and not owned by big conglomerates:

    There are hundreds to thousands of other hosting providers and domain registrars, you can move to any of them.

    dotCoop Domain Registrations are more limited in offering as not all registrars support this specialized .coop registration verification process

    Some background and sharing about the decision to close Gaia Host:

    Over the 15 year history of Gaia Host we've had 6 worker-owners and 3 workers that didn't make it past provisional status. We grew tenfold over the first 10 years with bootstrapping hard work, sometimes at pay significantly below market. A few years into our history we began to be able to pay a competitive wage for entry level tech support work. We were never able to grow our income and efficiencies to be able to support the wages needed to retain and incentive workers that had or could build broad tech skills. Gaia Host has had one worker-owner since September 2018, Charles. He is working through this shutdown process with minimal pay (partially volunteer). It is a complex balance, but Charles will be here to help everyone in their path moving out of Gaia Host. Thank you for your patience.

    Where Gaia Host failed:

    • Customer Support degraded in the last few years and started to fail as the ability to pay the more skilled workers a competitive living wage failed
    • Egalitarian pay parity restrictions in our collectivized work-pay structure cost us a lot of organizational time and de-incentivized work growth for the most skilled workers
    • Investment in our integrated software infrastructure stopped 5 years ago. Our control panel and distributed server management application continued to function well, but a next generation release of it was not possible because the code was built on an application framework that had reduced greatly in popularity and support.
    • In hindsight, we should have made a decision 5 years ago, to let go organizational restrictions for a purest open source basis that would run Gaia Host's software infrastructure.
    • We also held too closely to making running and owning our own server hardware. The industry has changed dramatically in the last 5 years in that realm. There are now server infrastructure providers that provide extremely environmentally efficient and speed competitive offerings that exceed what we could do with our own hardware in selective datacenters.

    Some of our successes in our 15 year history:

    • At our peak we provided service to more than 500 businesses, organizations, and freelance individuals.
    • Our largest customers received millions of pages views per day, our smallest just a few
    • We built our own control panel and distributed server management software infrastructure
    • Operating at 99.95%+ historical uptime for our own server hardware in energy efficient datacenters
    • 3 generations of server hardware, lengthening the life cycle to reduce environmental impact
    • $6,000 donated to install solar power renewable energy projects in western massachusetts
    • $100,000+ of services donated in-kind to non-profits working for social justice and environmental issues

    Thank you to all the customers and web developers from all over the planet that chose Gaia Host for so many years. There is a lot of pride in the service and organizations we were able to support. And again, apologies for the stress of the poor customer support. Charles will be here for Gaia Host to help you move your services away.

    Basics about BeCooperative

    BeCooperative is a startup internet services provider. BeCooperative is being formed as a hybrid consumer-owned and worker-owned cooperative, but customers will not be required to have a consumer ownership share. This private launch of BeCooperative is only accepting customers that want the seamless move from Gaia Host. There will be public launches later in 2019 of BeCooperative Business Hosting and Domain Registration services, as well as private Personal services including Email, Calendaring, and Docs.

    These are the specs of BeCooperative's infrastructure for shared hosting that contrast with what Gaia Host offered:
    • Primarily cloud based server infrastructure (GCP and Vultr)
    • Plesk Panel for Hosting Management
    • Account and Billing Panel
    • Support Ticket Panel along with Email based ticket correspondence
    • Domain Registration ordering and self-management thru Account Panel
    • SSL Hosting is included in all Web Host plans
    • WordPress optimizations for speed and security
    • PHP Version self-management thru Plesk Panel
    • SSH Key self-management thru Plesk Panel

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