E-mail Server Settings

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NOTE: The settings below use a default placeholder yourdomain.com. Enter your domain in the form above to see server settings customized for your domain.

Email Server Settings

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Login Style for Mailboxes:
login: use your full email address (eg someone@yourdomain.com)

Web Email Link:
If you don't have software on your computer to send/receive email then
you can use our webmail software.

Default web mail link:

This will forward you to our main Webmail URL at: https://mail.gaiahost.coop

Desktop/Handheld Email Software:

We recommend the email software Mozilla Thunderbird ( http://www.mozilla.com/thunderbird/ ), which works on all popular operating systems, is free and open-source, and is tops in security and reliability. You can also use most any other email standards-supporting software program (Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, Entourage, iPhone, Blackberry, etc), but we highly recommend using Thunderbird.

Secure Mail Server Settings:

These settings enable a high-level of security by encrypting all information that goes between your email software and the GAIA Host email server. We recommend using these secure settings.

*SSL: must be turned on for Incoming and Outgoing

Incoming (POP3) Mail Server: mail.gaiahost.coop (port = 995)

Incoming (IMAP) Mail Server: mail.gaiahost.coop (port = 993)

Outgoing (SMTP) Mail Server: mail.gaiahost.coop (port = 465)
*SMTP Authentication/Login: must be turned on

Server Layer: Spam Filtering and Virus Blocking:

Viruses are blocked. Our server layers of spam filtering identify and reject known spam servers outright. This layers catches the majority of spam headed for Inboxes.

Mailbox Layer: Customizable Spam Filtering

This layer is content-based spam filtering for emails that are not rejected as 100% verifiable spam by the server layer. We call this second layer "tagging and sorting spam".

Turning on/off Content Filtering and/or Sorting:
Email mailboxes can have tagged spam automatically sorted into the SpamQuarantine folder that is accessible via IMAP and Webmail. The default sorting is OFF, so email that is identified as likely spam is delivered to the Inbox with a header tag that marks it as spam.

Training the Filter:
Our spam mailbox level filtering system uses an advanced statistical filtering system. You can train the spam filter to recognize spam and valid email better. Training can be done through GAIA Host Webmail by using the "Train as Spam" and "Train as Friend" links for any message less than 7 days old.